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EMBIO Diagnostics Ltd created the B.EL.D (Bio Electric Diagnostics) device, a multi-use handheld chemical analyzer that instantly tests for Listeria and other harmful chemicals in food.

Rapid Listeria Detection

Results in Minutes

Reliable detection of unwanted bacteria in fresh produce, meat and milk products within 3 minutes

Use with your phone

B.EL.D results are displayed on your
mobile phone 

Following Standards

The B.EL.D. device adheres to international standards & guidelines for food management

Everything in cloud

Automatic cloud-based private data storage and historic data access


Sample Preparation Depending on your Food Matrix

Inoculate 25g or 25mL of food sample into 225 mL of primary enrichment (Half-Fraser broth). Incubate the suspension at 30oC for 24 h.

Liquid Form Sample

Follow the BELD Protocol

  1. Sample on the electrodes
  2. Biosensors on the sample
  3. Device for measuring response

Add 20 μL of the incubated food suspension onto each electrode. After 60 seconds add 20 μL of the biosensors onto each electrode. 

3 MinuteS

Connection with the BELD algorithm and data analysis system

Monitor your results via the mobile application or the online platform

B.EL.D Web Platform

Results from current and past tests can be retrieved from the B.EL.D web-platform

Test data can also be complemented with sample images, geolocation, and other key data points that contribute to the enhancement of the application’s machine learning infrastructure


The B.EL.D mobile app on your mobile phone is the gateway to our web platform for accessing test results, historic data, statistics and to receive updates on the latest features on food safety.

Patented biotechnology

Detection is powered by BERA Biosensors to acheive selective and accurate detection.

AI algorithms 

Our AI algorithm allows for accurate detection and adapts to the user experience.

Cloud Platform

Our cloud platform allows storing of sample images and key information for a clear view of the supply chain.

Machine Learning

With the use of ML our diagnostic platform allows for a unique view on the food supply chain.

Our Listeria detection test

Our test has been designed to detect the presence of the pathogenic bacterium Listeria monocytogenes in milk and milk products. More than 200 tests on milk and cheese samples have been evaluated by the ISO 11290 1:2017 method, revealing 100% success rate with a Limit Of Detection of 100 CFU g-1 or mL-1 in all food substrates.*

* Biosensor’s accuracy was 90 and 91% in milk and halloumi cheese samples, respectively, when LOD was set at 4 CFU g 1 or mL-1


Development and performance characteristics evaluation of a new Bioelectric Recognition Assay (BERA) method for rapid Sars-CoV-2 detection in clinical samples.
Apostolou T, Kyritsi M, Vontas A, Loizou K, Hadjilouka A, Speletas M, Mouchtouri V, Hadjichristodoulou C.

Scientist Behind B.EL.D. Science

Constantinos Loizou

Constantinos Loizou


Antonios Inglezakis

Antonios Inglezakis

Hardware Designer

Agni Hadjilouka

Agni Hadjilouka


Theofylaktos Apostolou

Theofylaktos Apostolou


Lazaros Dougiakis

Lazaros Dougiakis

Software Engineer

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